Sunday, July 26, 2009


Assalamu Alaikum dear islamic brother and sisters,
Two murders - pre planned murders with obvious??? instructions to the police not to respond - had taken place.
The politicians who run even when a man dies of dog bite are very conspicuous by their absence. If you are calling yourselves the leaders of the society, where are you? Sleeping in your lofty palaces? Those who are at the door steps when the elections are around the corner, why are you silent? Two young boys in their early 30's who had nothing to do with the provocations -were murdered in the most brutal way. One's head was chopped off after being cut form behind and another's head was crushed with a massive concrete stone.
Still not a single politician -the so called guardians of our community (albeit self proclaimed) - visited the homes. all are are absconding. Ok, you cannot -and will not, settle the problems, but shouldn't you be there at least to attend a funeral of a fellow Muslim - of a matter which has gripped the nation? To at least show sympathy to the family?
No you all wouldn't. But, Sir, your slip is showing.
Surely, all of you will surely be questioned on the day of Akhira for the roles you play in your positions.
It is also shocking that in spite of the murders - and burning of the palace of Allah, no other Da'wa organization other than the thouheed organizations -have even conveyed a word of sympathy, leave alone condemnation of the dastardly act or solidarity with the murdered's families. The irony is that many of those belonging to the Hubbul awliya thakiya party - the perpetrator's side - have come forward to show empathy with the family.
Why, I ask the others - is the blood of the thouheed bother blue?
Difference of opinions and clashes are here to stay - that is a foregone conclusion. But murder? MURDER? That is another matter. And international pre planned murder? With police not to not responding - from 7 p.m. till 2 a.m.? In spite of repeated calls and pleas?
Quran is very clear on the matter. do I need to remind anyone?
Allah is the greatest judge. and He is watching all of us.
Two Janasas move to home
One of Janas's Home near to Broken Masjid
Broken Masjid photos in some view
During Janash time in front of broken Masjid

infornt of Beruwala Police station rally after the Jansa Prayer



  1. sheikup pillai prabakaran must be arrested ijas

  2. It is a horrible

  3. Salam brother Ijast,
    I too entirly agreed with your opinion. Du'a with Allah will help for trueth.

  4. very sad why islam misunderstanding between us

  5. By jst having a name of "tawheed jamaat" u cnt becom the true islamic jamat. U wahhabis usualy kill muslims in Iraq, pakistan and so on... this is wat ur sheik abdul wahhab did and wat ur followers do around the world. so better self examine urself b4 spilling nonsense in the quthba's.

  6. hell brother, Assalamu Alaikum

    First u can try to understand what is islam? and try to learn Quran and Sunnah, then you never need any other path such as Tawheed/ Jamath/ Tareeka or wahabee..
    anyhow thanks for visit this web

  7. thakkiya people are always killing other, they think there shaik will help them to go to heaven.

  8. it's painfulll
    the gouverment should take all responsability cause of such accidents

  9. everything what has happend is true.. but no one has the right to tell as shaik-prabkaraen.. because he is not resposebel to any of this.. its not he, went and kill them.. who ever has the barins can think.. just think if some1 comes and make you pist-off (make you mad).. what will you do..?? think.. think.. think.. who ever killed this 2 people will be panished.. gOOd Eg: if u kill some one.. must your mum and dad go to jail... so never argu without thinking...